Press Release

Draft Guidelines for the Prevention and Suppression of Smuggling of Wildlife on Ships

11 MAR 2022

Self Photos / Files - MC(22)17 - Annex - Co-sponsored submissionThe ICS has co-sponsored a submission by Kenya to the 46th session of IMO’s Facilitation Committee (FAL 46), providing and proposing the adoption of draft guidelines for the prevention and suppression of  smuggling of wildlife on ships engaged in international maritime traffic. The submission is attached as an Annex. 

The guidelines contain encouragement for shipowners and shipping lines to adopt, inter alia, relevant prevention, detection and reporting measures aimed at compliance, within a wider framework that places responsibilities on relevant competent authorities. 

Co-sponsorship is considered to be in the best interests of the ICS and its Members, as an overarching goal to suppress smuggling of wildlife on ships. 

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