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Robotic Hull Cleaning in China - Webinar Tuesday 7th December 2021

07 DEC 2021

Members are invited to a free HKSOA webinar on Tuesday 7th December, 16.00 to 16.45hrs, presented by Neptune Robotics who have pioneered hull cleaning of ships in Chinese ports using robotic cleaners. Robotic hull cleaning machines have  proved to be very effective at removing slime, weed, tube worms and barnacles while minimising damage to antifouling paints and can even clean above the waterline. 
Neptune Robotics are based in Shenzhen and started out cleaning ships in the local ports  but have now expanded and are able to cover more ports in China.  They are also offering a 25% discount for the first ship to be cleaned to HKSOA members who register for the webinar. 
Biofouling of ships hulls can significantly increase friction resulting in lower speeds or increased fuel consumption. From 1/1/2023, when the EEXI, CII and SEEMP come into force, the effect of any hull fouling will become more serious with negative implications for a vessels carbon intensity rating. 
To sign up for the webinar please click on the "Register Now” button on the brochure below.
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